I’m Matt Robare, a freelance content marketing writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Specializing in climate tech, digital twins and PR, I delight in taking complex topics and using the skills I learned in seven years as a journalist to create informative, insightful blog posts, case studies, white papers and articles. I love love learning new things — and then telling the world all about them. If you ever need to make sure I don’t go anywhere for several hours, take me to a used bookstore or a big library.

Born in “Vermont’s solar city”, Rutland, Vermont, I grew up in a house full of books. My grandfather, Hy Steirman, was a writer, editor and publisher in New York. Among many other things, he was the second publisher of the notorious Confidential magazine, published the second incarnation of Coronet magazine, and wrote a book called Good News, Bad News, Agnews making fun of Vice President Spiro T Agnew, which got him put on Nixon’s Enemies List

I majored in journalism and minored in physics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, graduating in 2011. There I wrote for The Massachusetts Daily Collegian in the news, op-ed and arts sections. Senior year I was the op-ed editor. When not working I could often be found in the front row at improv shows, exploring the WEB DuBois Library and learning the campus ghost stories and urban legends (which I eventually turned into an article). Since moving to Boston I’ve worked on expanding my cooking repertoire, volunteered at Boston Ballet and worked with the Order of Malta on the “Malta Walks” to help homeless Bostonians.