Climate Tech

How Effective Solar Asset Management Can Boost Power Yield and Save Money, Raptor Maps, September 2023

Raptor Maps is a software company that monitors the health of solar farms by analyzing data from them — solar asset management. They’re main thing is overflying the panels with drones equipped with special cameras. This piece was written to illustrate two important points: 1) Poor management can reduce the amount of power produced and hence the ROI and 2) It increases maintenance costs, so not doing it is squeezing businesses at both ends.

Solar Recycling Forgotten Amid Political Fights, Supply-Chain Issues, Solar Today, Fall 2022

This piece was fun to write because I got to stretch my journalism legs. I interviewed Dr Gavin Heath, a prominent environmental scientist, and had to rewrite it twice because relevant portions of the Inflation Reduction Act were deleted by Sen. Joe Manchin before being reincluded. I also read at least one scientific journal article in the course of my research. SolarToday is the magazine of the American Solar Energy Society, a trade association.

Public Relations

The MBTA needs a fair system for its fare system, The Boston Globe, 8/09/21

I was the principal author of the first draft for this op-ed for The Boston Globe. I wrote it as part of my communications work for TransitMatters, a Boston-based nonprofit in the transit advocacy space. Ethan was my immediate boss, Jarred is the executive director, Matthew was Jarred’s PA and Jim is a former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation and TransitMatters board member. The piece was targeted at state policy makers and involved synthesizing the organization’s original research on transit fares with work done by other non-profits. Here’s what Jarred said about working with me: “Whether as a volunteer or contracting for the organization. In addition to his natural instincts on press relations and editing, it’s very helpful that he’s personally passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.”

Digital Twins

Digital Twins: Understanding Their Evolution and Importance — Urban SDK, April 13, 2022

Digital Twins are Creating a Paradigm Shift in the Insurance Industry — Urban SDK, May 22, 2023

Practical Applications of Digital Twins — Urban SDK, May 22, 2023

These four pieces were written for Urban SDK, a software company in Florida using data analysis to help local and state governments manage traffic and improve safety. They wanted to build their authority in the field, so I wrote over 50 pieces for them on topics related to data analysis, urbanism, traffic and transportation. Each piece involved doing research from a variety of corporate and institutional sources and delivering drafts with quick turnaround times of one week.